The Virginia Orthopaedic Society (VOS) will be the premier voice for musculoskeletal health care in the Commonwealth of Virginia, working to enhance the overall quality of orthopaedic care and to create a favorable environment for its delivery.

VOS Mission Statement
The Virginia Orthopaedic Society works to enhance its members’ ability to provide the highest quality musculoskeletal care possible through education and professional development while championing the interests of physicians and patients through its advocacy efforts.


    • Increase VOS MEMBERSHIP to 500 members by 2017
      • Survey non-members as to what they would like VOS to provide
      • Survey members as to what they want as topics for the next meeting
      • Reach out to individuals and ask partners and colleagues to join
      • Show non-members the value of VOS membership by translating VOS accomplishments into member benefits
      • Send out e-newsletter to non-members quarterly


    • Protect Orthopaedic Surgeons (Advocacy & Influence)
      • Tell surgeons what VOS has done on their behalf
      • Address Workers Compensation Issue
      • Advance COPN reforms and medical malpractice reform
      • Advance Tort reform and reduce the Malpractice CAP
      • Partner with AAOS
      • Advocate for issues that are important to orthopaedic surgeons and our patients


  • Improve Quality of Care (Education & Awareness)
    • Use AAOS information as a resource
    • Improve patient education
    • Promote Orthopaedic Surgeons as the premier providers of orthopaedic care
    • Open the annual meeting to other MDs and health providers