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Photos from the 67th Annual Meeting

68th Annual Meeting
Save the Date – April 24 – 26, 2015

The Homestead Resort
Hot Springs, VA

Byron bill to deregulate health care decisions dies in committee

Del. Kathy Byron urged lawmakers to deregulate decisions about health care facilities Tuesday in favor of letting the free market reign.
Her proposal, House Bill 2030, was voted down in committee, but may be part of longer-term talks about how to revamp the state’s certificate of public need – a program that requires new medical facilities and services to be submitted for state approval.
“We talk about being open for business. We talk about being free market. But this is the most anti-free market thing I’ve seen,” said Byron, R-Forest.
The COPN and its pre-approval requirement are aimed at ensuring new medical facilities will meet a region’s needs and be financially viable.
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